What are Architectural Drawings?

An architectural drawing is a high-quality technical drawing of your proposed build. These can be used to develop a design idea in a formal way, provide guidance for the development of a project, or allow a contracted builder to meet the client design.

Aside from technical skill, what separates an architectural drawing for planning permission from a sketch is adherence to design regulations and conventions. This includes ensuring the project is presented in a consistent way from floor layouts, unit sizes, and more. 

While these can be exacting and potentially expensive to produce, finding the right professional can help keep your costs down without ever having to compromise on quality.

What is planning permission?

At its core, planning permission is the seeking of consent from your local government or council authority to complete a build. This helps add rigour to design and ensure that unsafe, unsound, or inappropriate builds do not take place.

Planning permission is granted in accordance with the National Planning Policy Framework and will need to be sought for new build, significant changes to your property, or if you intend to build on agricultural land.

Each application currently costs £462 in England and £206 if you are only intending to make home improvements. This makes filing an incomplete or incorrect proposal costly and time consuming, making ‘getting it right first time’ essential.  

Do I need planning permission and why?

In short, no. But it’s almost always a mistake not to secure one.

Securing planning permission can be a frustrating process that requires a number of essential boxes to be ticked. Choosing a professional that has stepped through the process multiple times allows your build to stay to code and secure planning permission first time.

Some other distinct advantages include-

  • Increased quality: Architects study for years to understand the formal regulations that govern modern building practice. Their expert training will add quality to every end of the project and their need to follow a statutory code of practice and operate with indemnity insurance will ensure that you are fully protected if issues arise.
  • Contextualised Experience: Along with their formal training, Architects have formal design sense and will be able to suggest small, low cost improvements to your build. This can include room placement to maximise sun exposure or pointing out potential issues that could cause long-term problems.
  • Connections: Architects will know local professionals well and be able to provide a reference for a reliable project team while also understanding the value of staying within your proposed budget.

What next?

If you want to learn more about how MDA Architectural Services Ltd can help secure planning permission or acquire up-to-standard architectural plans, you can learn more about our services here. Or if you want to get in touch directly, you can let our team know how we can help with your bespoke build, then please feel free to contact us by giving us a call on 01204 275185.