Recently in the news, new regulations for lawful or permitted development for householders have been reported.

The essence is that in some instances – it is possible to erect a larger single storey rear extension to your property without the need for full planning permission.


In 2013, temporary legislation was introduced, which increased the size of single storey rear extensions allowed under permitted development.

  • from 3m to 6m for a terraced or a semi-detached house,
  • and up to 8m for detached properties. 

The good news is that this legislation has now become permanent.


In light of these regulations becoming permanent, we would point out that for the larger home extension, an application is still required. Some news reports have stated that this is not required, which is untrue.

An application for lawful development is still required in order to confirm that your proposed extension has no objections from neighbours, and this is recorded at the Local Planning Department.

Note: there are other restrictions to conform to other than size.

We would recommend an application is submitted for permitted development, to confirm that the application does fall under the new legislation and will avoid any risk of problems in the future.  The application cost is half the standard householder planning application fee (£103) and gives you peace of mind that your application is lawful.

Note: there are other restrictions to conform to other than size.

It is possible that applications without this confirmation will have any issues raised when the property is put up for sale.

If you would like to know more information about the planning permissions, please do not hesitate to contact our team at MDA Architectural Services Ltd on 01204 275185 to discuss your requirements.