MDA Architectural Services Ltd specialises in a broad range of architectural, building and design services in for commercial properties and residential domestic clients in Manchester and across the North West, in Bolton, Adlington, Chorley, Horwich, Rivington, Preston, Wigan and nearby areas.

Our services involve a range of specialist skills and draw on a considerable depth of knowledge in architecture and building design.

We also cover the details to do with planning applications, building control and building regulations.

Whatever your project, we can provide you with the essential services you need to turn your concept into a reality.

Planning Application Drawings

The planning application process can seem daunting, whether you have a commercial or domestic project. Drawings are a key part of the application, and your local planning authority will expect your application to meet certain, defined specifications and criteria.

Our planning application drawing services can help make the process that much more reassuring for you. We will create drawings that capture the necessary details of your project clearly, graphically and professionally.

They will contain all the sufficient detail to satisfy the requirements of your local planning authority, including site location and layout; elevations and floor plans; existing and proposed sections and any other details appropriate to your specific project.

We submit drawings on your behalf through the online planning portal, helping with the swift progress of your planning application.

Building Design

If you have a project in mind to build a new structure, you want to be able to take it to the next stage, transforming your dream into something fully planned and workable.

With our building design service, we can help your project take shape.

What matters is that we create something for you that captures the essence of your concept but also translates it into something practical.

At MDA Architectural Services Ltd, our team works with your brief, however detailed or conceptual, taking a systematic approach to creating your project, stage by stage.

This will include any processes and procedures associated with your project and with gaining the necessary official permissions to take it forward.

It is our task to make your building come alive by applying practical but creative design solutions.

Building Drawings

What will your building look like? It is vital to capture the details with expert building drawings and planning permission drawings.

Using dedicated CAD software, we create your building design to scale. This includes a detailed floor plan, and, where appropriate a site plan, showing your building design in the context of its surroundings.

Our team at MDA Architectural Services Ltd will produce elevations showing the façade of the building, and later, schematic designs. These can highlight how light will work with the building and the best dynamic use of space.

Building drawings can also consider feasibility aspects, such as general locations of functions and other features.

What these drawings do is provide a comprehensive visual understanding of how your building will work.

Building Control

All building work must meet current codes for standards and regulation requirements.

Local councils all have building control services to ensure any building designs, whether for new builds, renovations or extensions, comply with these standards and regulations.

As part of our professional architectural services, MDA Architectural Services Ltd ensures that your building design will be fully compliant with building control.

We do the detailed work on your behalf. This means drawing up detailed plans but also submitting them alongside any other essential forms and, where necessary, liaising with officials.

It is our aim to ensure all our clients’ projects progress smoothly through building control.

Building Regulations

Building regulations set clear standards for how buildings are designed and constructed. They include certain essential requirements for energy use, and for safe, convenient building access and use of space.

Therefore, it is crucial that your building project complies with building regulations.

We help you be compliant by supporting you throughout the building regulations process.

For a full plans application, we work closely with you, checking all aspects of your applications and making sure all the necessary information is clear and unambiguous.

As part of our support, we also carry out inspections on site and coordinate with local authorities and contractors on your behalf.

Our building regulations services are there to give you peace of mind by looking after the details and keeping your project on track so that it is fully compliant, with the right certification.

Building Refurbishment

Specialist architectural services are not just about new builds. We also work with a broad range of clients and their building refurbishment projects.

Whether it is your home or commercial premises, a building refurbishment can transform your existing space, giving it a whole new lease of life and adding significant value to it.

As with all successful building work, the planning and design stage is vital to the overall success of the project.

At MDA Architectural Services Ltd, we will look at how you can best maximise your opportunities while working within the boundaries of permitted planning and regulations.

What we do is to give your project a clear, workable, professionally drawn framework, providing the right foundations for its success.

Building Extensions

Extending the floor area of a building, domestic or commercial, is a means of increasing its value but also of improving its overall quality for its occupants. We also specialise in designing loft conversions, garage conversions and basement conversions for homeowners and contractors.

What we offer is a complete extension drawing service. We will visit your site, make a full assessment of it based on your ideas for your extension.

MDA Architectural Services Ltd will draw up your existing property to scale, then, closely following your brief, we will design your scheme, so you can see how it will work in relation to your existing property.

We understand the kinds of rules and regulations that will affect your application, so we can submit your plans with the knowledge of what type of permission your project will require.

Interior Design

There is more to a successful structure than its external appearance or even its overall design and build.

Interior design can make a massive difference to the quality of a building. For commercial architectural projects, the use of interior space ensures flexibility and sustainability. The right interior design boosts the wellbeing of occupants and helps promote productivity and creativity.

For domestic projects, interior design is the element that completes the work and helps fully realise the scope of a dwelling space.

At MDA Architectural Services Ltd, we believe that the details and the whole concept must work together, and interior design is a huge part of this.

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